Kooima® Trner™ Composter

Price: $70,000.00 $59,000.00
Kooima # CT1400

Product Description

Features and Advantages of the Kooima® Trner™ Composter:

  • Patent Pending
  • High capacity compost turner
  • Heavy duty design specifically for manure composting
  • Designed for easy serviceability
  • Proven in TOUGH conditions
  • Fast ground speed – compare ours to any other
  • Lowest operating cost per ton!
  • Use your own tractor
  • 3″ Diameter through shaft on the drum means more rigidity and higher throughput
  • Box frame construction – Tough!
  • Hydraulically driven wheel – more speed!
  • High clearance to handle larger piles
  • Designed for higher HP tractors!
  • Patent pending paddle design – incorporates more oxygen into the pile
  • Road towable – tongue easily pivots for quick tow
  • When testing the Trner™ against our competitors we noticed, in most cases, we are able to travel twice as fast with twice the amount of material in the row
  • Proudly made in the USA!