Header Adapters

To fit John Deere®, Claas®, New Holland®Krone® and more!                           US Patent # 8,376,126

Our new adapter to fit the 8000 series!

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Head Cart

home-head-cart-01 home-head-cart-02 home-head-cart-03

This cart will tow 678 Kemper™, 4500 Kemper™, all small drum Kemper™ heads up to 10 row, 15′ hay heads, Claas® RU450 and 600- We haven’t found a chopping head it can’t safely tow! US Patent # 8,919,800

Mixer Wagon Knives

Kooima® Company has a long history and impeccable reputation for manufacturing a quality product, serving both OEM and after-market ag customers.  Our vertical and TMR mixer knives are available in standard or high performance styles.  Standard mixer knives are made of heat treated high carbon steel with a tungsten carbide cutting edge.  High performance mixer knives feature Kooima® Company’s exclusive patented tungsten carbide insert cutting surface for unsurpassed performance. Our customers prefer the Kooima® brand knives, sharper knives save you fuel, time and money.  Contact our knowledgeable sales department today and ask how we can save YOU time and money!


Kooima® Shear Bars to fit 8000 Series




For 25 years Kooima® Company has been manufacturing replacement forage harvester parts, combine parts, mixer wagon knives, header adapters and more! We are an independent manufacturer of replacement parts for a variety of companies such as John Deere®, Claas®, New Holland® and Krone®, because of this we are able to produce quality parts at competitive prices.  Try the Kooima® Direct Advantage today! You’ll eliminate the middleman by communicating with a one source dealer, distributor and manufacturer so we’ll understand your questions and needs.